Rev. T. Koilpillai

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Rev. T. Koilpillai (1924-1934)

Rev. T.Koilpillai of Sawyerpuram had his primary education at the primary school, Sawyerpuram and his secondary education at C.M.S. High School, Tirunelveli, he finished his higher education at Bishop Heber College, Tiruchy. Rev. T.Koilpillai went to Nattal and he worked there form 1909 to 1918. He was close friend to Gandhiji who was dong social service there. He told Gandhiji the preachings of Christianity. Thus wrote C.Monickam in his writings. Rev. T.Koilpillai was transfer to Idaiangudi in 1932. He was honored with the title of Canon by Bishop Neil.