Rev. Roshan

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Rev. Roshan laid the foundation the for Nazareth church in 31-12-1829 the New Year service was conducted on the same day. Rev. Adaikalam dedicated the church in 20-11-1830 consists on the year 1832 the Nazareth congestion 170 gents, 172 ladies and 351 children on the whole there were 595 Christians. People of Nazareth congregation decided to build a big church in his time. The old church was demolished. Bishop waller laid the foundation for the new church in 1920. A thatched roof church was erected in the front of the church campus for the conduct of services, till the completion of the new church. A list of the names of the church leaders and volunteer’s was kept in a bottle and seated, during the foundation of the new church. The bottle was laid in the northeast corers of the base upon which the building was erected. There is a steed name after him in Nazareth. Rev.Koilpillai was serving at Nazareth form 1922. He was the first Indian Presbyter in the history of SPG Mission. He took the chairmanship of Nazareth Pastorate during the chairmanship it was up graded to the council level. The old church was destructed and they started to build the new church. SPCK and SPG missions contributed towards the construction of the church. The people who lived in and our Nazareth also donated and worked generously for the construction. Two storeys were built in the church. The construction works were completed successfully by god’s grace. The new church was dedicated on 12 March 1928 onwards fifty tow presbyters have served in Nazareth church. Since Nazareth is big congregations there are tow pesters and the work load in lesson. There were fourteen presbyters and thirty eight deacons worked in Nazareth church. They did their services very well. The presbyter of the church is just like the high pries mentioned in the bible. He administrates all the activities of the church. He is also the chairman of the pastorate. He is the correspondent of the T.D.T.A. Primary Schools.