Rev. Dr. Strachan

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Rev. Dr. Strachan (1869-1876)


In 1870 Dr. John Miller Strachan of England came to India to do gospel work. He was the3 founder of SPG Medical Mission in Tirunelveli. In 1870 he opened the first dispensary in Nazareth. In 1870 he was extended the church and regulated the structure of the streets in Nazareth. For this cause he met so many leaders. He had to face many obstacles though he had strong will and Rev. Margoschis worked for many years in Nazareth the other missionaries. He worked for 32 years in Nazareth. The Brahmins and leaders the nearly villages were converted to Christianity. “Worshiping the Lord is the beauty of his holiness” – This was his motto. So he considered the church services very piously.