Rev. A. F. Camerrar

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Rev. A. F. Camerrar (1838-1858)


Camerrar of Germany established many churches and converted many people for Christ. He protected the Christians form the doubles of “Viboothi Sangam”. It shows the strong will of Rev. Camerrar and the courage of the people of Nazareth. The arrival of Robert Caldwell at Nazareth Missionary Robert Caldwell working at the missionary centre of Idaiyangudi, can to Nazareth in November 1941. he was asked to give the sermon in the services by Rev. Carmerrar, and he gave the sermon on the verse “the night is far spent, the day is at hank” (Rom.13:12). When we go through the later history of the Tirunelveli diocese, we know that Bishop Caldwell had given a good prophecy at Nazareth. Rev. Camerrer had written theological books and he was very interested in gospel work. There is a street named after him in Nazareth. He entered into glory with peace in 1890 when he was 87.